Manupulative Therapy

Manupulative Therapy

Department of manipulative therapy provides all the major treatment methods such as manipulation, mobilization, and massage.


  • To relieve pain and muscle spasms & stiffness
  • To increase joint and limb flexibility
  • To improve blood circulation and movement of lymph
  • To promote faster healing and to reduce scar tissues after injuries
  • To reduce physical and emotional stress
  • To promote overall health and feelings of well-being


  • Achieved through full body massages & partial massages and salt glow massages
  • Counseling sessions with patients in regard to its benefits
  • Regular monthly meetings and Supervision of doctors
  • Maintaining discipline of therapist and hygienic of treatment sections
  • Feedback introduction
  • Refreshers courses to therapist


Dr. Selva Kumar

RMO & HoD Manupulative Therapy Department.

Dr. Swapna.s


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