Department of Physiotherapy is mainly concerned with providing rehabilitation services for patients with occupational and sporting injuries.


  • Identifying the problem area and treating the patients through physiotherapy (Electrotherapy and Exercise therapy).
  • Identifying the causes and predisposing factors.
  • Providing Rehabilitation following occupational or sporting injuries.
  • Providing rehabilitation and exercise before and after surgery.


  • To provide the quality management.
  • To provide a high level of patient care
  • To promote patient health awareness and education.
  • To facilitate saudization program.
  • To provide accessible rehabilitation services.
  • To develop staff orientation training and education.
  • Effective utilization of staff resources and after surgery.
  • Provide training program for students.


Mr. Amit Singh ,

HoD physiotherapy department.

Mrs. Manjula

HoD physiotherapy department.

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