Shanthivana Mud Cottages

A health Retreat and Beyond


Our impression of a health retreat constitutes not just a custom health routine, but a holistic transcendental experience capable of leaving a lasting impact on the body and the mind. In search of a tangible design for the very idea we went as deep as possible into nature, as far back in time as we could and as traditional as modern times can get, and here; welcome to the realization of it.

Constant advancements


The health retreat mud cottages of Shantivana, evidently a time unbound design and approach to healthcare, are a signature initiative in nature cure. Sri Dharmasthala pioneers nature cure in the country and abroad, and our advancements in techniques and facilitation of collective experiences in the same are our proud accomplishments. Shantivana health retreat cottages elevate our approach a notch higher yet.

Realizing Grand Visions


Dr. D Veerendra Heggade is the man behind the realization of the grand vision of Nature Cure treatment at Dharmasthala. As the Dharmadhikaari of Dharmasthala and the President of SDM Educational Society, he has established an institution and a nature cure health retreat unparalleled in the entire country. Shantivana Nature Cure Hospital functions on the ancient health principles of Naturopathy and caters to a varied set of health requirements. Dr. D Veerendra Heggade has personally monitored the growth and development of Shantivana and has ensured its global recognition for the traditional yet unconventional approach.

Shabari, The Treasure In Waiting


Confided in the establishment secured with an ornate lock and lit by an antique lantern is an experience thoughtfully crafted and customized for the ones who seek it. The establishment is a time capsule in itself, embodying the ancient and the traditional elements with modern comforts. The perfect escapade combined with health rejuvenation.

All on the roots of comfort


A comforted, unwound state of mind is fundamental for nature cure. We draw you into the establishment embodying the essence of nature and make you at home so there’s not a moment where the mind wanders back into the mundane.

Attention to detail


The promise of a collective experience embodying vestiges to healthier times of the past are delivered with careful attention to detail. They’re your little travel in time, and our means of ensuring your admiration. And yes, perfect for hashtag nostalgia. 

The ethereal


The ambience radiates a golden glow of sunrise to accompany a meditative state of mind and a natural course of healing. As it bears witness to your mind and body transforming for the better, the ecstatic golden energy promises to stay on.

Torn between wanting to see you again and not


Nature cure at Shantivana Mud Cottages are the best experience with Naturopathy you can have, and we adhere sternly to the promise of rejuvenating your physical and mental health exceeding your expectations. Our custom served treatments, diet plans and collective experience serve their purpose and it makes us beyond happy that everyone leaves us better than joined. Ailment oriented reunions are out of question, but we do hope we’ll see you again on a casual health retreat!

Aesthetic, inside out


Yes, the idea of a hot mug of coffee on the balcony with a fantastic view perhaps in the rain is an appealing one; but we promise you one after an amazing massage or a mud bath with a pumpkin juice rejuvenating your mind and body is even better. The view is an aesthetic marvel as to compensate for the absence of sugar in the juice, we promise. 

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